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Meet Yair

Scribe at Tefillin For Everyone


yair glustein, scribe

My name is Yair Glustein. I have spent the past fifteen years studying in yeshiva and I’m currently learning in a Kollel in the City of David near the Old City of Jerusalem. Along with my learning I have been writing and producing tefillin for a number of years.

I love providing high quality tefillin for Bar Mitzvah boys. It gives me great pleasure to see the joy on the faces of these young boys when they come with their families to place the parchment into the boxes of the tefillin.

The great excitement over preparing for their first mitzvah was what led me to think of those less fortunate. Over time it became my desire to help provide tefillin to every boy who wishes to have a set. And so, Tefillin For Everyone was born.

At Tefillin For Everyone, we believe that the uniqueness of the Jewish people stems from the closeness we feel to each other. Part of becoming a “Bar Mitzvah” is realizing the importance of these connections and developing a responsibility for each other.

At Tefillin For Everyone, you have the chance to beautify the mitzvah of tefillin. Along with your own purchase, you will be helping other families bring their children to this special day.

Quality Tefillin

According to your custom

quality tefillin according to your custom

At Tefillin for Everyone, we take special pride in each pair of tefillin that we create. We strive to produce tefillin of the finest beauty; both halachically and physically. Every minhag (Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Ar”i) is unique and there are slight differences in the writing. Therefore, it is important to choose tefillin in accordance with your minhag. Please contact us if you need help in making your choice.

We have two categories of tefillin that you can choose from:

– Our “Pe’er” tefillin maintain the highest degree of halachic standard.

– Our “Hadar” tefillin are specially made for utmost endurance. They undergo extra compressing to promise extra firm tefillin with a beautiful finish.