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Making the mitzvah of tefillin

even more meaningful

Add a deed of loving kindness when purchasing your tefillin

Preparing for a Bar Mitzvah is a special time. Your young son is starting to develop his spiritual life and Jewish identity. As you help your son acquire tefillin to fulfill his first mitzvah, you have an opportunity to guide him into the world of kindness – to becoming a responsible, caring, and supportive part of the Jewish people.

At Tefillin For Everyone, we provide you with the opportunity to help another young boy acquire his first pair of tefillin. We work with a number of communities throughout Israel where we supply tefillin for Bar Mitzvah boys whose families are unable to purchase tefillin due to financial difficulties.

How it works

You: buy a beautiful, quality pair of tefillin for your son and then add an extra 10% (or donation of  your choice) above the regular price

We: prepare the tefillin and use your donation towards a second pair of tefillin that will be given to a Bar Mitzvah boy in need

Result: a pair of tefillin that is beautiful in and of itself, and beautiful in the loving kindness it has created

yair glustein, scribe

Our Tefillin

We offer two categories of tefillin to choose from.

– Our “Pe’er” tefillin maintain the highest degree of halachic standard – 2,800 NIS/$850

– Our “Hadar” tefillin are specially made for utmost endurance. They undergo extra compressing to promise extra firm tefillin with a beautiful finish – 3,500 NIS/$1,050

You may choose a pair based on your minhag.

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